Smart Precipitation Sensor, Lufft WS100

The Lufft WS100 is maintenance-free radar precipitation sensor. It recognizes the type and amount of precipitation from the first drop. The sensor is suitable for hard-to-reach places.

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Precipitation Sensors

Use a tipping bucket and “count” quantities OR weigh quantities OR measure fall velocity and analyze particle size. Each measurement method differs in its application. Freedom from maintenance and fast response times play an important role in “present weather” applications.

  • Rain/precipitation quantity, rain/precipitation type (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail)
  • 24GHz Doppler radar
  • Very fast response time, maintenance-free measurement, present weather detection
  • RS-485 semi-duplex two-wire, SDI-12, pulse interface / UMB protocol, Modbus

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