Hanwell Pro wireless monitoring system

Hanwell Pro assists with regulatory compliance: 21CFR Part11; Good Laboratory Practice (GLP); Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP); Good Document Practice (GDP). The basic synergy system components are : Base unit (receiver), software (Synergy) and the sensor/transmitter. 

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Wireless Hanwell

Radio transmitter & data logger popular Models:

  • RL4001/4002 – Single/Dual channel, Thermistor, LCD display
  • RL4012 – Single channel plus door switch, Thermistor, LCD display
  • RL4106 – Internal Temperature and humidity, LCD display

Transmitter which needs external sensors

  • RL4114 –  RH/T, LCD display -40 to 80°C
  • RL4115 – RH/T, LCD display  -40 to 60°C
  • RL4401/4402 – Single/Dual channel, PT100 4 wire  -200 to 110°C
  • RL4406 – Single channel, PT100 4 wire plus door switch -20 to 60°C
  • RL4809/4810 – Dual channel 4-20mA/5VDC input, No LCD display
  • RL4901 – Single channel, Type T  T/C, LCD display -200 to 200°C
  • RL4902 – Single channel, Type T  T/C plus door switch, LCD display  -200 to 200°C

Downloads:   EMS software   Receiver        Transmitters: Temperature    RH/T