Hanwell IceSpy wireless monitoring system

Hanwell IceSpy is reliable and affordable wireless temperature monitoring system with highly competitive accuracy, cold-chain solutions and radio strength that overcomes most typical applications. Hanwell IceSpy can also be fully validated to meet Healthcare and Food compliance requirements.

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Wireless monitoring system

Benefits of Hanwell IceSpy:

  • One affordable system for in-building and transportation wireless temperature monitoring.
  • Additional measurements available for simple system expansion such as humidity, CO2, pressure and more.
  • Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP, MHRA & GDP.
  • Improves product quality and reduce product waste during manufacture, storage & distribution.
  • Reduces errors resulting from manual checks.
  • Eliminates time spent taking manual readings.
  • Alleviates audit stress with easy to access historical reports

Downloads: EMS software    Receiver      Repeater               Transmitters:  PT100    T type TC


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