Piston type adjustable, Gems FS-105E/107E


The FS-105E model and FS-107E model operate in any mounting position and the robust components allow a pressure of 250 bar, ideally suited for high pressure cleaning and lubrication systems.

Gems FS105E: Adj. range: 60~150 L/pm – G1” BSP;  N/O with no flow, 250V, 1A, 100VA, Electrical Conn: DIN 43560A; Encl: Nickel Plated Brass body & Piston, SS Spring, IP65.

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Alloy piston type flow switch Gems FS-105E, FS-107E

            Gems FS-105E and FS-107E series are flow switches with adjustable set point for water and oils and other liquids compatible with plated brass. They can operate in any position and have a spring loaded piston that is displaced against a spring by the flow. The adjustment positions a reed switch relative to the position and so the flow is not restricted as the set point is changed.
  • Maximum flow is maximum set point x2
  • Maximum pressure 250 bar and temperature -20 to 120C
  • Action NO with no flow or SPDT
  • Repeatable tp 1% of range
  • Hysteresis max 20%
  • Sizes  G1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch
  • Flow rates 5ml/min through150l/min in 18 models [FS-105E]
  • Flow rates  0.5-90l/min in 14 models FS107E [ compensaated for viscosity 1-600cSt

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