Thermal dispersion type, Gems FS-600

Stainless steel with no mechanical parts from ½” to 1½”

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Thermal Flow Switch – Gems FS-600

Flow Switches of thermal dispersion type determine the set point by measuring heat loss from the SS probe in the flow stream. This system is accurate and reliable and has no moving parts. The switches have fixed calibration with 12 ranges per pipe size, and a set point accuracy better than 15%-with differential of 20%. This type of switch suits conductive and non conductive liquids, suspended solids, and variable viscosity.

  • Probe 303SS Body 316SS
  • Ports 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1½” NPT – BSP available MOQ
  • 25bar 60ºC
  • 24V DC or AC – switch contact 30VACat 45mA, 42VDC at 65mA
  • IP65 – response time 10 seconds
  • M12 4 pin connector – 1M cable provided
  • Optional cables to 5M

Downloads:   Data sheet