Conductivity type Elettrosonda DB series (5)


Level switch Conductivity based for 5 electrodes– Elettrosonda DB High Low Pump control High Low alarm. FT-ELD2200000 (Supplier part No. ED22000000)

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Level Controller for 5 electrodes – control and alarms

  • Mains power : 230VAC
  • Contact Rating : Resistive -5A to 250VAC Inductive – 2A 250VAC
  • Contact rating alarm relays – resistive 0.5amps 250V
  • Response time : 100ms
  • Dimensions : 90 x 72 x 60mm, 320gm
  • Operating resistance:0-20Kohm

The DB Electroprobe is intended for use  in a variety of innovative ways. Required for high low control of pump with separate high and low alarm points. On-Off electroprobe [operates in one single point] acts on Relay 2 using probes 6 and 12] Differential electroprobe [operates between two probes positioned by installer] acting on relay 1 using probes 10 and 11 always together with 6 and/or 7.

High alarm uses probe 9 and 6; Low alarm uses probe 8 and 7; Possibility of activating or de-activating controls with dip switch.

See separate listing for probe holder;  

Downloads:   Data sheet