Conductivity type Elettrosonda Q series (3)


Q controller -SR model for 3 electrodes – Level control relays for 3 electrode systems

  • FT-ELQ220R0003 : Mfr part # EQ3SCR1003
  • FT-ELC00CR0003 : Mfr part # EQ3SFR1000
  • FT-ELQ415R003: Mfr part # EQ3SER1000

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FT-ELC00CR0003, FT-ELQ220R0003 Level controller by DIN rail mounting

  • Supply voltage : 24 – 117 – 230 – 380-415V~ 50/60 Hz
  • Contact rating : Resistive load 5A to 250VAC
  • Contact rating : Inductive load 2A 250VAC / 5A 30VDC
  • Response time : 100ms
  • Dimension : 90 x 54 x 59mm    200gm
  • see separate listing for probe holders
  • Operating resistance 5.6 Kohm(NS), 68 Kohm(AS), 0-100 Kohm(SR)

Conductivity based level switches suit most processes with conductive liquids.

Models NS (standard sensitivity the best for waters): In the case of wells with a diameter max of 100 mm the NS model probes should be positioned in such a way that there is not more than 2m between the lowest and the highest (sufficient to protect the pump). For wells with a larger diameter, the probes can be set at a greater distance, there are no limits for tanks. To conclude, liquids with a total resistance of 5.6 Kohm. max can be well controlled. The control box can be placed at a distance of up to 1,000 m from the probes.

Models AS (high sensitivity): To control liquids with low conductivity, rainwater for example the AS type is particularly suitable. These models permit liquids with a very high total resistance up to 70 Kohm., to be controlled.

Models SR (adjustable sensitivity): For the control of conductive liquids with unknown conductivity this model is essential which controls up to 100 ohm.

Electrode holders are singles – mounted on cables- or rigid 3, or 5 holders with 6mm SS  [or other] electrodes – see separate product page

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Power supply

12/24VDC supply, Adj. sensitivity, 240VAC supply, Adj. sensitivity, 415VAC supply, Adj. sensitivity