Gefran Melt Pressure transducer, 4-20mA (ME)


GF-ME: Melt pressure transmitter with 4-20mA output for extrusion

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Extrusion Melt pressure

   This family of transmitters is the first to conform with the new European performance level ‘c’ for safety. With performance to 400°C at the diaphragm, and accuracy to 0.25% [optional]
  • Pressure ranges from 0- 35 /2,000 bar 0-500/0-30,000 psi
  • 4-20mA 2 wire with supply 13-30 VDC
  • Response time 8 msec
  • GTP coating standard – different materials and coatings available to suit the melt
  • Thermal drift in compensated range 0.02% FSO/°C
  • Electronics max temp 85°C   – diaphragm to 400°C
  • Integral thermocouple available ME2,  Flexible extension version ME1
Models include magnetic auto zero for setting the output at temperature with just a touch. External zero control is available as an option. These units transmit pressure from the diaphragm to the sensor using a fluid fill. The previous standard [still available] is mercury, but European regulations are phasing this out, and Gefran offers the KE series with Sodium Potassium fill fluid which is non toxic, but with excellent performance

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Rigid stem, 7,500psi (318mm-stem), Rigid stem, 10.000psi, Rigid stem, 7,500psi (153mm-stem), Rigid + flexi stem, 5,000psi, Rigid + flexi stem, 10,000psi, Rigid + flexi stem, 7,500 psi, Rigid+flexi stem+T/C,5,000 psi, Rigid+flexi stem+T/C,10,000 psi