Loop powered transmitter, PR-3185/3186


PR-3185: Loop powered Isolator
PR-3186: 2-wire transmitter isolator

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Loop powered isolators PR3185 and PR3186 are economical but high performance devices in an exceptional package These are available in one and two channel models for absolutely exceptional packing density on a rail.

  • Response time : < 5ms
  • Voltage drop : 1.2 V on 3185 and 2.5 V on 3186
  • Isolation voltage : 2.5 kVAC
  • Loop supply : 17V DC at 20mA (on 3186 series)

 PR-3185 is powered by the control signal connected to the input and powers the load connected to the output. The output is voltage limited to 17.5 VDC

PR-3186 is powered by the host loop voltage, wide supply range from 6…35V. The application is 1:1 output loop powered isolator of 2 wire transmitter 4..20mA signals.

Downloads:   Data sheet:    3185       3186

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Control signal, Host loop voltage