Gefran Melt Pressure transducer K series(NaK)


GF-K Extrusion pressure transducers NaK filled – double diaphragm thickness; KE series : 4 to 20mA output; K3 series : mV/V output

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Melt pressure

 Gefran is  the worlds largest suppliers of extrusion pressure transducers and transmitters for OEM machine supply and replacement. They offer a series of special variants to resolve specification issues. In addition Gefran has released some new technologies, such as the NaK series which are new technology and solve many of the application issues we face today.

  • Ranges from 30 to 1000 bar– temperatures to 400°C with standard diaphragm
  • Low temperature induced drift [optional auto compensation on analog outputs]
  • NaK is defined as a safe substance [GRAS]
  • Accuracy 0.25% or 0.5%[standard]
  • Outputs 3.3 mV/V or 4-20mA [KE series]
  • Inconel 718 diaphragm GTP coating to 538C
  • 1/2 – 20 UNF or M18x1.5 standard process connection
  • Standard 6 PIN bendix connector  – cable not included
  • 32 series is standard with J thermocouple K is optional at no charge
  • KE : 4-20mA output

Use of Mercury is forbidden in the EU and the NaK solution is supplied at no extra cost from the M series with an approved non toxic fill. Should you have a special requirement, or an operational issue, please contact us for advice – because of their high operational temperature ratings K series have a wide range of diaphragm materials for extended life.

Rated to 538°C for Inconel diaphragm – all diaphragms double thickness

Downloads:   K series      KE series

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Rigid stem 10,000psi, Rigid +Flexi stem 10,000psi, Rigid +Flexi stem 5,000psi, Rigid stem + T/C, 10,000psi