Temperature indicator, Gefran 40T Series, 48×96


GF-40, Gefran temperature indicator, 4 digits universal input with alarm relays, transmitter power supply, analog output and transmitter power supply with custom linearisation.

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Process Indicator

 This series offers more advanced features, but shares a common processor with the 4 series above. These features include up to 3 alarms, and analog re-transmission outputs. The stock units are T/C, RTD and Linear Inputs. Power supplies are in two groups low voltage and high voltage but each covers a wide range of supply voltages in AC and DC.

The alarms are either 2 or 4 in number. Re-transmission of signal is an option, and so is transmitter power suppy. See available part numbers for details

  • Sizes 48 x 96 – 1/8 DIN
  • Standard T/C, RTD or linear inputs
  • Optional strain gauge, potentiometer, AC & frequency
  • Power supply 100-240 VAC  optional low voltage 11-27 VAC/DC
  • Versions with up to 3 alarms
  • Versions with analog re-transmission 4-20mA/V
  • 32 Segment custom linearisation
  • Optional sensor transmitter Power supply, 24V, 15V and 1.2VDC

Downloads:   Data sheet       User manual

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Output & power supply

2 alarms, 2 alarms+ analog output, 2 alarms 11-27VAC/DC, 3 alarms + transmitter power supply