Heat Sinks for SSR 10, 25 and 40 amp – predrilled


Aluminium heat sinks for block style SSRs to 40 amps

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Low cost efficient Heat Sinks for SSR power switching devices

  • Three sizes to suit common SSR ratings
  • Anodised aluminium construction predrilled and tapped for M4 mounting screws
  • Use heat transfer paste under the SSR on assembly
  • Allow for ventilation of the heat sink if switching close to the SSR rated current
  • Use fan forced air if current is above 40 amps

Solid state relays have to reject heat to operate efficiently. Any SSR in still air will switch around 10 amps without cooling, even if it is rated at 40amps. To switch continuously at close to its rating an SSR must have a correctly sized heat sink – must transfer heat to the heat sink efficiently, and the heat sink must have ventilation.

SSRs rated above 40amps require fan forced cooling of the heat sink.

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10A relay, 25A relay, 40A relay