Themocouple probe, TS-16/17

Standard Thermocouple and RTD sensors. With or without process connection 316 SS sheath with 75mm PVC tails

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Thermocouple probe, TS-16/17

  • Thermocouple (J, K, T, N) mineral insulated cable construction, ungrounded junction, 316 SS sheath with 75mm PVC tails.
  • Thermocouple temperature rating depends on length of sensor – but maximum rated for type
  • Pt100, 3 wire 316 SS sheath. Max 260°C. Accuracy Class A.  or MI RTD construction to 400°C
  • RTD Options include – anti vibration assembly
  • Common sensors sizes 1.5, 3, 4.5, and 6mm diameter – any length
  • TS-17 series – same construction as TS-16 with integral 1/2″ BSP SS fitting for process connection
Short lead times for the standard models.  We can assist in sensor design for your application

Downloads:   TS-16  TS-16P  TS-17  TS-17P