Thermometer probes, Comark


Thermometer probes to connect Comark thermometers & other branded thermometers.

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Thermometer probes

 The food thermometers have different probe design, different connectors and different sensor type. This is because, for food temperatures to be checked thoroughly, the probe needs to suit the application. There are a wide variety of probes available for specific jobs and these fall into three main categories: penetration, immersion, air and surface probes. The different types of sensors available are: Thermistor, Thermocouple (K and T) and PT100. The different connectors available are: Lumberg-L type, sub-miniature-M type and bipole-B type.
Suggested probes
  • Air probe:
    • KM-AK27M ( K type, sub-miniature connector)
    • KM-AT21M ( T type, sub-miniature connector)
    • KM-AX24L  ( thermistor type, Lumberg connector)
    • TS-TP01    ( K or T type, sub-miniature connector)
    Penetration probe:
    • KM-PK19M ( K type, sub-miniature connector)
    • KM-PT24L  ( T type, Lumberg connector)
    • KM-PX16L  ( thermistor type, Lumberg connector)
    • KM-PX22L  ( thermistor type, Lumberg connector-Green)
    • KM-PX25L  ( thermistor type, Lumberg connector-Blue)
    • TS-TP02A  ( K or T type, sub-miniature connector)
    Surface probe:
    • KM-SK21M ( K type, sub-miniature connector)
    • KM-SK24M ( K type, sub-miniature connector)
    • KM-SX23L  ( thermistor type, Lumberg connector-between pack probe)
    • TS-TP04    ( K type, sub-miniature connector)
    Damped probe:
    • KM-DX28L ( thermistor type, Lumberg connector)

    Downloads:   Data sheet

Additional information

Type of probe

Air probe, Penetration probe, Surface probe, Between pack probe, Damped probe

Type of calibration

K type, T type, Thermistor 3.0 x 100, Thermistor 1.6 x 100, Thermistor 8.0 dia x 2m lead

Type of connector

Lumberg, Sub miniature