Thermocouple cable, PVC screened


Single Pair PVC screened thermocouple extension cables. Data sheets available on request.

Price mentioned below is for one meter cable with a requirement of  Minimum ordering quantity(MOQ) 100M – Inquire the price for shorter lengths and other options

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Thermocouple cable

ECEFast can supply a complete range of single and multipair thermocouple cables in a wide variety of constructions. Our standard products are ANSI colour code and cables in most cases are UL listed. Minimum quantities will apply for non stock cable types.

Type P/ALP : single strand/multi strand. PVC insulated, twisted to form pairs, aluminium/Mylar tape screen with drain wire, PVC outer sheath; -20 to + 105°C. moisture & abrasion resistant. 

  • Type KX, JX, NX, SX, TX. (limited stock sizes).
  • ANSI colour code  for types K, N, J, T and RX/SX IEC color codes available on request

Solid conductor/single strand codes:

  • 16G (1/1.29mm); 18G (1/1.02mm); 20G (1/0.813mm);
  • 22G (1/0.635mm); 24G (1/0.511mm);  26G (1/0.128mm);

Stranding codes:

  • 16F (7/0.5mm); 18E (23/0.2mm); 18F (7/0.4mm)
  •  20E (13/0.2mm); 20F (7/0.3mm); 24F (7/0.2mm)

Additional information


K type, J type, T type, TT Premium, SX type

Gauge and strand

16 (1×1.3mm), 20 (1x 0.8mm), 20E (13×0.2mm), 24F (7×0.2mm), 20P (1x 0.315mm)

Number of pairs

Single pair, 4 pair, 8 pair

Overall screen