Thermocouple wire, PVC unscreened


PVC insulated single pair thermocouple wires unscreened

Price mentioned below is for one meter cable with a requirement of  Minimum ordering quantity(MOQ) 100M. Inquire the price for shorter lengths and other options

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Thermocouple wire, PVC unscreened

PVC insulated thermocouple wires are colour coded in ANSI colours according to the thermocouple type, and they are made using High Temperature PVC rated to 105C continuous. Various constructions exist, although this series does not include SHIELDED CABLES and MULTIPAIR CABLES which are listed elsewhere. PVC is not immersible for long periods

P/P  Oval shaped wire with two conductors individually covered and with an overall cover. The conductors are solid or stranded, commonly 24 gauge 0.5mm solid or 7/0.2mm stranded, or 20 gauge 0.8mm solid, 20E 13/0.2mm stranded or 20F 7/0.3mm stranded

  • High Temperature PVC rated to -26 to 105ºC
  • Abrasion and Moisture resistant
  • Available with solid and stranded conductors
  • Commonly with EXTENSION wires eg KX, JX, TX and NX
  • Flame Retardant
  • ANSI colour coded

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K type, J type, N type, T type, T type premium, V type

Gauge and strand

18E (23X0.2mm), 20E (13×0.2mm), 24F (7×0.2mm), 24 (1x 0.5mm), 28 (1x 0.32mm), 20 (1x 0.8mm), 16 (1x 1.29mm)