Refrigerant leak detector Center 380 & 382


CE-380 & CE-382: Refrigerant leak detectors, Center 380 (non-aspirated to 8gm/year) and Center 382 (aspirated 6gm/year).

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Gas detectors including combustible gases.

  • For R134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-22 etc
  • Sensitivity better than 8g/year on H setting
  • Tricolour LED bar display with buzzer
  • Snake Tube [flex SS] 400mm
  • Comes complete with batteries, carry case and test bottle.
  • Center 382 aspirated sampl system – sensitivity better than 6gm/year

The Center 380 is an economical gas leak detector for common refrigerants. It is designed for testing installations after filling, and is sensitive to single leaks of the order of 8gm/ year. The readings are disturbed by high solvent concentration, strong wind, excess Freon gas, and large temperature variations, but is otherwise easy to use  and reliable.

The Center 382 is basically the same instrument but with a fan aspirated sample collection system which make the unit less difficult to use in open air conditions and increase basic sensitivity to leaks of less than 6gm/year.

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Sample collection type

Aspirated, Non aspirated