Bilge switch with lifting bracket BR-LCG-1036-A1


BR-LCG-1036-A1 Bilge switch; When a traditional float type level switch doesn’t meet your needs see if one of our specialty floats will. Bilge switches are made for difficult or demanding applications.

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Bilge switches

Bracket mounted bilge float switches are able to measure the location and amount of liquid that is present in the bilge. The switch is built with a tough slosh shield, and stainless-steel mounting bracket. The float switch rests on the side of the container, or wall and is able to measure the location of the sensor. When the sensor gets to a specific spot, it can be connected with conjunction with relays to control the pump to drain the liquid or direct it to another compartment or to a high-level alarm to alert when the bilge is reaching capacity

Technical data:

Mounting style                  : Bracketed mounting
Lifting bracket                   : Yes
Slosh shield material       : Acrylic Ø 60 x 4 t
Float & stem material      : SUS316 & SUS 304
Maximum Temperature  : -20°C to +80°C
Maximum Pressure          : 20 bar
Float S.G                              : 0.7
Minimum fluid S.G          : 0.8
Contact                                : Form A, SPST
Switching power max.    : VA 50W (70VA)
Switching voltage max.  : 240 VAC /200 VDC
Switching current           : 0.5 A
Electrical connection     : FEP jacket cable 1M
IP protection                    : IP 68
Weight Approx.               : 320 g

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Switch with lifting bracket


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