Float type horizontal mount – BR-LKA/LKF


  • LKF-R6710/ LKF-H6720/ LKA-H6720 c/w 1M lead wire, Round/Hex, 26.5mm /36.4mm float
  • LKA-M6710/ LKF-M6710/ LKF-M6720 c/w M12 connector, 26.5mm /36.4mm float

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  • Stem Material: PVDF (white) PP (Blue)
  • Float :17 x 26.5mm / 17 x 36.4mm
  • Operation Temp.: -20℃ To +80℃
  • Max.Pressure: 5 bar
  • Float S.G.: 0.8; Mini.Fluid S.G: 0.85
  • Contact Form: SPST;  Switch Rating VA: 50W
  • Switching Voltage Max.: 240VAC/200VDC
  • Switching Current Max:  0.5 A

Additional information

Process connection

Bulk head round (M16 x 2), Bulk head hex (M16 x 2), Bulk head round comp bush (M16 x 2), ½” GBSP, Bulk head round (M16 x 2) w/float 36.4mm, Bulk head round (M16 x 2) w/float 26.5mm

Connection type

M12 connector, lead wire 1M


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