Humidity calibration salt: 33%, 75%


CE-310-CAL33: Calibration source based on saturated salts for 33% and 75% relative humidity. Standard cells for 33% and 75% RH

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Humidity calibrator

These humidity cells use formulated standard saturated solutions to produce predictable & stable humidity. With this portable calibration set, the operator can perform tests at the location where calibration is needed.

The cell has a semi permeable membrane separating the salt solution from the working test space. Stable temperatures close to 25°C are preferred for tests.

  • Standard cells for 33% and 75% RH
  • Accuracy dependent on ambient temperature – corrections can be applied
  • Simple use for small probes – semi permeable membrane -> dry work space

Downloads:   Data sheet       User manual

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CE-310-CAL33, CE-310-CAL75