Radar submersible type 0.3-30M 2 wire, GDRD 61


Radar level transmitter – submersible type Goda GDRD 61 used for sewerage wells, sumps, underground tanks, river, dam and canal level measurement.

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Radar level transmitter – submersible type Goda GDRD 61 

It has a nylon PA66 case with PP horn antenna – sealed for total immersion, and will recommence working immediately the level drops below its short 30cm dead zone. The powerful 26GHz radar signal works reliably where ultrasonic simply will not function, and still works with floating material in the water, light foaming or agitation. The smart programming functions allow the user to identify and suppress false echo responses on the graphic display. The units come with a 10M cable and remote display/ programming module – with sun shield and 304SS mounting bracket as shown. It can also be suspended by conduit in position above the liquid surface,
  • Measures from front of horn to 30M programmable span
  • Accuracy +/-3mm except within 30cm from horn
  • 26GHz pulse radar 12° beam angle – unaffected by vapours or condensation
  • 10M cable with remore display and full graphic programming
  • HART communications – use HART programmer or HART modem and PC as alternate programming remotely
Extended warranty to 2 years and application guarantee applies

Downloads:   Data sheet