Capacitance Finetek EB2000, EB3000 Series

Accurate level measurements at high temperature & pressure & corrosive environments.

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Continuous Capacitance Level Transmitters – Finetek EB2000, EB3000 Series

RF capacitance level transmitters use oscillating circuits to measure capacitance between the sensor and a reference, and this varies as the process media changes level along the sensor. This means that when measuring in metal vessels, the vessel is one plate of the capacitor. If the vessel is non conducting, a reference electrode is required. This may be a coaxial style probe, an internal electrode, or an external electrode (ie outside the tank. As may be seen this measurement has some considerations to achieve its great potential simplicity and accuracy so it is better to consult on product choice. Where the media is conducting, a coated sensor is required and PP, Nylon or FEP can be supplied depending on the media being measured.

  • 4-20mA loop powered electronics package – EB2000 series
  • 4-20mA 10-36V supply with heavy duty dual insulation – EB3000 series
  • Cable styles to 50M Rod styles to 4M – coatings Nylon, PP and FEB where required
  • IP65 alloy head for electronics
  • Easy calibration during installation – any two points 0-5000pf
  • Accuracy 1% at 30C when installed correctly
  • Temperature compensated to 80C ambient
  • Screw thread or flanged process connection
  • Lengths customised by application

Downloads:   Data sheet