HydraTough H28 for submersible level


HydraTough is a new hydrostatic level transmitter for general use, featuring high accuracy and rugged construction. ECEFast offers accessories such as weights for flowing or agitated measurements, adjustable damping to 20sec, and an adaptor to allow fitting to pipes, and yet submersible – example for flooded pit.

For salt water or more corrosive environments use HydraToughH46 listed separately. For accessories click here.

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  • Calibrated ranges from 1m to 200m WG
  • Rugged 316SS construction- use HydraTough H46 for corrosive media
  • Configurations to suit most applications – before shipment
  • Lightning protection (external) option – all units with internal surge protection
  • Supply voltage 16-55 VDC
  • 4-20mA output custom scaled with HART
  • Accuracy better than 0.5% (system)
  • Accessories for mounting – cable clamp, weights and pipe fitting adaptor & vented terminal box

Fast delivery 2 -3 weeks

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Sensor material



0-3.5m, 0-10m, 0-20m

Cable length

10m, 15m, 25m

Cable material



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