RF admittance FineTek EB43, FT-EB43

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With unique mechanical design, EB43 utilizes RF-Admittance principle which is suitable for fluid level detection, including water, water based fluid, fuel oil, lubricant oil, and Freon / Refrigerant. Firm mechanical structure design to ensure reliable & accurate level measurement in various industries.

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RF-Admittance level transmitter

To cope with global warming and environmental regulation, cost of Freon/Refrigerant is increasing. Equipments adopt level transmitter for the purpose of leakage detection & high-efficiency heat exchange management. EB43 series is applicable for various fluid measurement. With high corrosion proof and anti-alkaline/acid characteristics which can sustain high pressure operation environment. Direct interface with fluid providing output signal of level readings to control system. Firm mechanical design with IP65 protection rating and MIL-STD- 202F-201A compliancy suitable for use in outdoor & harsh environment. Supply voltage output to connect with cloud platform to enhance extensive data management requirement.
  • Low power consumption (20mA max.)
  • High accuracy (<±1.0% F.S.)
  • Applicable for fluid measurement:

Refrigerants(ex. R22, R134a, R401a, R404a, R407a, R507)
Water based fluid
Lubricant oil and fuel oil
Petroleum and asphalt

  • With button/LED indicator for on site set up.
  • Response time less than 1/4 sec.
  • Detachable housing design, no leakage during regular maintenance.
  • MIL-STD-202F-201A Compliance
  • IEC60092, IEC61000-4, IEC60068-2 Compliance
1000mm model  available ex-stock

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